Halloween on the Gyöngyös Campus

Utolsó módosítás: 2018. november 12.

On the Thursday before Halloween, the Centre for International Relations on the Gyöngyös Campus held a Halloween presentation and pumpkin carving contest for the International students.

At the event the students were greeted with spiced wine and hot tea and delicious finger foods. First, a presentation on the origins of Halloween and how it is celebrated in the U.S. was given by Lindsey Cuen, our Cultural Colleague from the Eger Centre for International Relations office.

She talked about the history of Halloween and how it was celebrated in the past and how it is celebrated today in America. She also shared the old Irish folktale from which the Jack-O-Lantern originated. Her presentation was full of many pictures of costumes and Halloween traditions. Immediately following the presentation was a fun quiz on the details of the presentation. Then the students took to making their own Jack-O-Lanterns to compete for who could make the best one.

The Arab team won first place, with "the Fire Lord" taking second place and the Russian girls taking third place. In the end it was a good time had by all as the evening ended with a group picture complete with lit up Jack-O-Lanterns!

Article: Lindsey Cuen

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